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Diamonds for wedding rings?


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Hi all, I will soon be purchasing my partners wedding ring & like the idea of having a row of small diamonds across the top of it. I am guessing but they will probably range in size from 0.1-0.2ct & be set in a channel style ring. I'd say 8 diamonds at most all of the same size. Shape will either be round or square.

When I purchased my lovely engagement ring (round / 0.75 / F / VS2 / Ideal cut / DCLA Cert) I used all the great advice on this site to help with the final decision. What I’d like to know is do I need to used the same judging criteria on the smaller diamonds for my wedding ring since they are a lot smaller. Also because they are smaller can I go for lower speced diamonds (G or less / SI or less / Cert for each diamond)? I read in an earlier posting that diamonds for earring are normally G or less? I also assume that that each of the 8 diamonds should be matched as closely in spec as possible?

Thank you in advance to all those that reply.

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Talk with the jeweler where you bought your other ring. Most smaller diamonds don't have a 'cert' and in many cases bands like you describe are pre-manufactured so you don't really have the choice to individually pick the diamonds without paying a substantial premium for custom labor. I usually recommend trying to match the color more than the clarity although the smaller size makes it less of an issue. Having them match each other is more important to the overall look than having them match the center stone.



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Ditto on what Neil has posted.


If you are talking about something like this, a prong set band, you can go lower in color but you need to match the engagement ring if it's beside that ring. If you have an H e-ring an I band should be fine. I don't know how other companies do it, but we order a particular number of diamonds from the cutter in a certain size and he delivers them all within the same color and clarity.


For instance, the band below has 5 diamonds, F-G color, 1.36ctw in platinum. It runs about $2,995 to give you a ballpark. If you went to more diamonds in a smaller size, it would be a different price, but I don't know how different.




You might be talking about a band that has them set in there. As long as they are well cut, you can go to I1 diamonds for the smaller stones.


Channel set (this is an anniversary band with diamonds all around)




Prong Set- THis one goes all the way around but there are bands that are have them across the top and not all the way around. This is just to show you what prong set and channel set mean so when you are shopping you know what to ask for.



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Hi guys, thx for the great info :D


Yes the W-ring will be worn beside the E-ring so from your advice I will be doing the following in order of priority:

1) try to match all the smaller diamonds in colour say F-G (8 in channel set)

2) then try to match the smaller diamonds to the e-ring


Btw should the W-ring width equal that of the E-ring? Because I assume the width of the W-ring will determine the size of the smaller diamonds that can be set within it?


Thx :D

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I prefer the wedding band to be slim if the e-ring is a slim band. It's not always possible to make it as slim as the e-ring with diamonds set in it obviously, but you are on the right track.


There are channel set rings with diamonds across the top. And like Neil said, you don't need diamonds that are internally flawless. But you do want a band with nice sparkle so ordering from a quality company will make that possible.


Usually, when you order bands, you pick a diamond color and usually it will say H-I color since this is how melee is sold (melee is a group of baby diamonds sold as a lot/parcel) They are more likely to have wedding bands in stock with diamonds than they are anniversary bands because they can be resized.

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Thx webgal, now I have learnt a new word "melee".


I've done a few searches online & have come across some nice designs. What do you think of having white diamonds mixed with other gems like rubies or pink sapphires alternately across the top of the w-band?


Are these other gems as durable as diamonds? Or would I be better sticking with a just white diamonds? Will having a mixed gem stone w-ring lower its value?


I would love to mixed the white diamonds with pink diamonds but these are above my budget :P

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Actuallly, you could mix baby pink and white diamonds of that size. They are not as scandalously off the chart in price at that size, which would probably be less than 10 points each.


We deal mostly in colored diamonds but we would do a shared-prong set band. I don't know if a channel set WEDDING band with pink and white diamonds is offered anywhere. But I have seen channel set and shared prong set ANNIVERSARY bands with alternating white diamonds and pink sapphires. They are very pretty.


I LOVE gemstones: sapphires, emeralds and rubies. But alternating these in a band next to an e-ring can have a jarring look. It can (not always) take away from the star of the show, the engagement ring. When lighter sapphires are alternated, it's a nice look, though.


I love yellow diamonds but the round melee (pronounced: MEL-eee) tends to look electricuted yellow- like the irradiated diamonds. For this reason, we don't buy them. We like to remain au naturel. (Not that we run around in our underwear or anything) The pink melee are natural and look it.


I love gemstones and the channel setting does offer extra protection. But they do get scratched more easily. It would be hard to see this on a tiny gemstone without magnification. Sapphires scratch the least, then rubies with emeralds being quite soft, prone to chipping and damage.


So to answer the question, I love the idea of gemstones in the band but if they are alternating, I like the lighter ones for a subtle and elegant addition of color. You should also stick to round since your e-ring has rounds.


Above is some professional opinion mixed in with my personal opinion...as a girl. Was that what you were looking for?


I absolutely think she is going to be floored. You've really taken great pains to find just the right e-ring. You should be quite proud of yourself so far. Not everyone takes this much time and trouble. It's been difficult hasn't it?

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Hahaha you made me grin webgal. I wish my fiancé knew the effort I went to find that special diamond & design for her e-ring. Now its time to go hunting for the w-ring. The only disappointing thing is that most people/her friends consider size(ct) to be the most important factor when I went for quality over size.


I've actually learnt a lot over the last several months regarding the topic of diamonds plus with wealth of info on this great site. Would you believe I used to carry around a table of proportions so that I could compare cut :P


A professional opinion mixed with a gals opinion was definitely what I was looking for. It has been difficult but I rather consider it a challenge. Diamonds & gems are a fascinating subject. Thx again for your advice & complement :blink:

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You're welcome. And there is always someone with a bigger diamond, a more spectacular house, a cooler ride.


A .75ct is no speck, that's for sure. The time you put into finding it? Priceless (blatant steal from the VISA ad campaign)

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