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Are the prices listed wholesale or retail?

Kito Kam

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All items listed here are available for individual sale to both consumers and dealers. Such is the beauty of the Internet age. When I went to college, that was called retail although many dealers these days describe themselves as wholesaler because customers seem to like the word. Each dealer who participates here is an independent business and they don't all use these words the same way. If you see something that looks promising, call them up and discuss it with them. The prices are generally pretty competitive.


Many dealers will take upgrades but if you didn't originally buy it from them they may not agree with the grading told to you by the original seller or your appraiser and they will, of course, want to set a price where they can resell it and make a profit. Each dealer has a different policy on how to do this but they will be happy to discuss it with you and the ones that have such a program will be happy to discuss the logistics of how to do it. Usually you arrange to show them the stone, they make an offer and you either accept or reject the deal as you prefer.



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