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Do you know of any on-line jewelers that will upgrade diamonds if you purchase a new one from them? (One with a GIA cert?) I realize this is two transactions: selling mine and purchasing theirs...is it usually better to sell and then purchase from the same dealer? (I am especially interested in a superbcert diamond).....

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Janice;


Our Upgrade Policy is very clear:


If you have purchased one of our SuperbCert diamonds, we will gladly take it back and upgrade you to another SuperbCert diamond. Your original purchase price is applied to the Upgrade. The only stipulation is that the Upgrade be at least 25% greater in price than your original purchase.

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Here are our policies taken verbatim from our website. It would be for the diamond you bought from us not one you bought elsewhere.




You may return your diamond at any time for a full store credit against a new purchase of at least two times your original purchase price. Trade up is available for most items. If trading up is something you might consider, please check with us at the time of purchase to make sure your item qualifies.


Very few companies offer trade up-and even fewer have a policy like ours- we accept both your ring, and diamonds for a trade. Of course if a ring was custom-made or shows excessive wear it may not qualify for trade up-even if the jewelry looks beat up, the stones will qualify, provided they are not chipped or damaged. Only one item may be traded up at a time.




If you purchased your diamond from Rock Diamond™ (Diamonds by Lauren), you may be eligible for a "buy back". If your diamond is considered eligible, we will pay you up to 75% of the purchase price for your diamond. This policy applies to the price paid for the center diamond, if it was purchased in a ring. It may or may not apply to side stones or an entire ring.


This policy is decided on a case-by-case basis via a phone call with Rock Diamond Corp. Please e-mail us for further details on our Buy Back program. We will buy back diamonds purchased from us at any time.This policy applies ONLY to diamonds and jewelry purchased from Rock Diamond Corp/Diamonds by Lauren.

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Hi JaniceAnn,

It seems the jist of your question is that you want to take a diamond you purchased, and trade it in somewhere else. Is that correct?



This is a far more difficult situation.

There might be diamonds not bought from us that we'd be interested in taking in trade- but 99% of the time, that is NOT the case.

We WILL trade up on a diamond purchased from us, but generally, we WON'T if it was purchjased elsewhere.

I think you'll find similar policies on any seller offering trade up.



PS- if you're shopping for a SuperbCert, it's going to be a sweet diamond!

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