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What do you think of this rock's specs


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I was just at a jeweler who thought very highly of a particular diamond. He felt so highly I have to wonder if he was attempting to sell me on something I shouldn't buy. Below is the GIA Report, can you please give me your thoughts on the diamond and what type of price range should I expect to pay for it. I was really hoping to maximize my money and was hoping to allocate $4500 to the diamond. I was told that with a platinum ring and .5ct of channelset princess cut on the side it would be about $6000. All thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Report Type: GIA Diamond Grading Report

Square Modified Brilliant

Measurements: 5.70 x 5.70 x 3.85 mm

Carat Weight: 0.93

Color Grade: E

Clarity Grade: VS1


Depth: 67.5 %

Table: 77 %

Girdle: Medium to Thick

Culet: None


Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Good

Fluorescence: None

Comments: Additional clouds are not shown.

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77% Table is a very spready table and is paired with a low Crown height percentage that usually results in an opaque, glassy look. This can sometimes be offset by manipulating other facets of the diamond so as to compensate. Whether this is the case in this diamond is impossible to say without at minimum a photo and optimally a Light Performance Analysis such as provided by the Gemex Systems Brilliancescope.


Two questions for you:


1. How does this diamond look to you?

2. Did you compare it to other Princess cuts that have smaller Tables?

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Two questions for you:


1. How does this diamond look to you?

2. Did you compare it to other Princess cuts that have smaller Tables?


1) It looked shiny but I am no gemologist.

2) No.


What type of proportions should I be looking for in a princess cut? Can I get a good 1:1 length to width princess cut diamond that is around 1ct for around $4500?

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"Numbers" are not predictive in fancy shape diamonds.


Ask the jeweler to show you Princess cuts of different proportions and let your eyes be the judge.

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OK, so you're not an expert.

Here's why people love diamonds:

The best cut ones are really really sparkly.

If you looked at the diamond, and it was impressive in sparkle and shine, that's a good start. Lack of "dead spots" is good too.

By comparing a few diamonds in the store, you might get a better sense of the attraction. You might also see how two diamonds that weigh 1.00 can look different- in size, and sparkle.


Of course, people who are "into" diamonds will notice subtle differences- but anyone with good vision can enjoy a diamond, and perceive these differences when shown diamonds side by side.



As far as 1:1....GIA will call anything up to 1.05:1 a square- and visually, it really is.


The price seems in line if a whole bunch of "IF'S" are satisfactory

If you're comfortable with your selection in terms of price, and quality.

If the seller offers a money back guarantee.

If the seller offers a trade up policy

If the seller's rings are of high quality. The diamonds well selected, the setting work immaculate. It's quite easy to get simple things wrong.

IF the seller does the above well, is reputable so that you are comfortable with a large purchase.


If all the if's are good, then the price seems in line for the .93E/VS1 Princess with GIA report, set in platinum with 1/2carat of princess cut side diamonds being offered at a brick and mortar store.

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