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ogi and sarin


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I am new at this forum

I have some question about sarin and ogi

I would lıke to know what ogi and sarin are

why people ask sarin or ogi report

or give me some information about sarin and ogi what they do

why we sould get certificate from them

if you give me information about them I'll be glad

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Sarin and Ogi are competitive manufacturers of equipment for measuring diamonds. There reports include slightly different information but, in both cases, they provide quite a bit more, and largely different information than what is included in a standard grading report.


People ask for Sarin and Ogi data in addition to a GIA grading report because it’s easier to make an informed decision about a buying a diamond if you know more about it. Here’s the websites of the manufactures, they both have quite a bit about what their various tools can do.






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Sarin and the OGI Megascope machines measure the cut precision and quality of the diamond. The infomation provided by these machines is more easily interpreted for the round brilliant shape as Cut Quality has been investigated and reported on by Towlkowsky (1919) and the AGS Grading Lab parameters for ideal Cut.


The GIA Diamond grading lab (gia.edu) came out with a Cut Quality designation for the round brilliant shape in January 2006.


Here are some of the items of the diamond that are measured:


1. Table percentage

2. Crown angle

3. Crown height percentage

4. Girdle thickness

5. Pavillion angle

6. Pavillion depth percentage

7. Upper girdle half facets

8. Lower girdle half facets.


Attached is a detailed graphic showing the various parts of the round brilliant diamond shape. Keep in mind that various combinations can and will result in a visually beautiful diamond.


In Fancy shape diamonds; e.g.; Heart, Pear, Marquise, Princess, etc. you will need more than the Sarin-Megascope results in order to determine if the diamond is good-looking. If you're dealing with an Internet vendor, regardless of the shape you're looking to buy, photographs are a MUST.


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