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Sure. You won't always get it but it never hurts to ask. Some jewelers set their prices very high with the expectation that they will have a 'sale' or otherwise need to offer a discount before anything actually changes hands. Others will set their prices at what they really expect to get and won't budge an inch. Either way, they won't be offended if you ask for a better price.



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Always my friend.


...and not just where jewelry is concerned. It is THE standard way when buying an automobile, a home, a stereo, anything where a lot of money is concerned. I always push for a deal even where the price is listed as 'firm.' You never know and even if they don't negotiate you may get a little something extra to make you feel you are getting a deal.


We always offer 'trinkets' ... free items of this or that. For years we have given bottles of GOOD champagne with a set crystal flutes when someone buys an engagement ring. Just part of the service, sir.

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