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single cut diamond or full cut diamond


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Single cut diamonds are round stones with a 17 factet design. Full cut stones are round stones with a standard 58 facet design. These terms are used to describe the small stones used in groups or as decorative elements on a piece. They are collectively known as melee.



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Hey Everone,

To elaborate a bit on Single Cuts- or 8/8 diamonds. They are called 8/8 because there are 8 top coners, and 8 pavillion facets. The elements of a round diamond.



Believe it or not, every Round Brillaint is, at one time during the cutting process, s Single Cut Diamond.



I'm way too familiar with them because I worked twith them for a few years during my training.

That was back in the 1870's.....Ok, the 1970's

Nowadays, you don't see very many single cuts- even in the teenie weenie sizes.


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