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asscher diamonds


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Look for one that is pretty. Okay, besides that.


There are no hard and fast rules although you will see some sites trying to offer this info. You can pretty much toss that out the window with many of the fancy shapes since a lot comes down to preference. Some like them more square with less dramatic corners, some like very dramatic corners. Some like in betweeners (asscherish emerald cuts). The differences in interpretation are mind boggling.


I tend to like smaller tables and a high crown because it is reminiscent of antique jewelry and I'm a collector (in a very minor sense since I am not dripping with cash). But others like a broader table.


I would not suggest buying an asscher sight unseen from a list and a report because you will not be able to see if it's got corners with or without drama in addition to any number of things you might like to know about your diamond. You might want to look at some at a store to see what hits you. And whether you buy online or at a store, it's important that you feel a sense of trust towards the dealer.





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