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diamond bracelet


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Isn’t there a value stated on your appraisal?


If you weren’t the client for the appraiser, meaning if you got it from the dealer who sold the bracelet to you, ignore the report entirely, especially if the transaction price was substantially different from the declared value. An appraisal is supposed to estimate the value of a specific item as it relates to a particular marketplace on a particular date. If you hired the appraiser and they didn’t answer that, ring them up and ask them why not. It's what you paid them for. If you didn't hire them, consider hiring one.


Many ‘appraisals’ describe completely unrealistic situations or market conditions that simply don’t exist. These reports are purchased by sellers because they make good selling tools. They are not only useless for buyers, they’re destructive because they lead people to believe things that are contrary to known facts.



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