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Selling a Diamond..help?


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Please forgive me if I'm asking the same question that 5000 others have asked. I sell professional camera gear on eBay for a living. A friend approached me about selling her mothers wedding ring. I was glad to help.


Her mother is dead and for whatever reason the daughter needs to sell the ring.


I had it appraised and by a certified gemologist and he graded it a VVS1 and J.


It is a .98 total carat weight and is an 18K white Gold ring.


It is stamped JABEL on the inside of the ring with 18K.


It was purchased in or around 1969 at a jeweler in North Carolina if I remember correctly. ( Don't have the papers sitting here ).


He gave it an insurance appraisal of a bit over $6000.00.


So what could I reasonably expect it to bring on eBay. I have 1076..all 100% positive feedback comments on eBay and I sell very expensive camera gear and have sold Tag Heuer watches as well as many other very expensive type items for friends so my feedback hopefully lends great comfort to the buyer.


Again, though, what could I generally expect the range of the selling price to be for such a ring?


Thanks very much in advance for any insights you guys have.




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