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clarity vs. color


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Is it better to have a rich man ( or woman), or a good looking one?




Seriously- some people are very "color sensitive"- while others can't visualize the subtile shade of color in a diamond.


Some people look at a J and see a tint, others see it as colorless.

SO- I'd say you should look at some diamonds, in the flesh ( as it were) and see if the color is something you'll notice.


If you love a J color, you could just about buy a carat and a half in the same clarity as a D color 1.00- for about the same price.

Since size is apparent to pretty much anyone, going with alower colo9r sometimes makes GREAT sense.

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Clarity or Color?


The answer is Cut!


The better the Cut of the diamond, the 'whiter' it will face up because the facets are more precisely aligned which results in greater and more intense light refraction coming up to your eye from Table and surrounding Crown facets.


You can therefore, easily have a superior Cut I or J color placed side-by-side to a mediocre F-G color and the I or J will face up whiter.


Try it. You'll be amazed.

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