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Is this a good deal


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I am thinking about purchasing a marquis cut diamond with a .61 ct, I do not know what the clarity is but the diamond is very clear and sparkles very bright. The price is 1700.00. Is this a good price? To clarify I called the jeweler and he says the color is FG and the total weight is .61. The diamond is at a well know jeweler.

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If you're buying from a dealer and this is all they've told you then probably not. Why? Because they know more and they chose not to tell you. If you're serious about buying this, seek out an appraiser who is working for you, not the dealer, and get an expert opinion about the other details.



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That's two strikes. If you asked for grading information and this is all they can provide then you should walk away.


Go to the top of the page under 'find online jeweler' and search for 0.60 - 0.65 VS1, F, marquise and you'll get a list of offers for stones that superficially meet this spec. Write down the highest price you see. Now change the specs at the top of the page to I1, G and search again. Note the lowest price. The difference is more than a factor of 3 and it's all in details that your jeweler either doesn't know or apparently isn't willing to tell you! Which is worse? You can be certain that whoever sold him the stone knew more, why doesn't he? It may just be a communication problem or a poorly trained employees but if they really won't say more than this as well as being more specific about the claim of the color, I would recommend you pass. These details make a big difference.



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Hi Rene,

Many of the most "well known" jewelry stores are not able to carry the best merchandise, and the most competitive price.


As Neil is pointing out, the seller is being vague about the grading.

$1700 is not a little amount.


IN answer again to your question: The limited info the seller is providing means no one can tell you if it's a good deal.

I also was not clear on if you'd seen the diamond with your own 2 eyes yet.....

Have you seen it?

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