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Has anyone ever seen an S-T Color Diamond?


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Hey Everyone!


I love diamonds. I'm not prejudiced. "Color Blind" as it were.

Some guys ( or gals, as it were) see a parcel paper marked S-T color- and they won't even open it.

Me? Its the first one I look at!


Anyway, here's some shots of a really well cut Radiant Diamond GIA graded as S-T color range.




In the lower ranges, one simple letter doesn't quite cut it.

In fact, all diamond colors are ranges.

The more color, the wider the range.

There's a lot less difference between the top D to the lowest E color than there is between a the whitest I, and the darkest J.

That's why GIA combines the color letters below N color.


O-P, Q-R, S-T, U-V, W-X, and Y-Z are ALL light yellow- in varying degrees.

GIA even mentions the "Y" word.




The next darker color below Y-Z is called "Fancy Light Yellow"- traditionally thought of as "Fancy Colors"


What, like Light Yellow somehow not..."fancy"????



I think we'll be setting this one soon. I'm thinking maybe......half moon side diamonds???


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Not at all Lisa!


The GIA report is a "Color Origin" which does not include clarity.

This type of report is more common in the lower priced fancy colors- like this S-T.


When looking at the GIA "half report" , clarity is the first thng I expect to be off.

For example- If one had a really imperfect Fancy Intense Yellow, the "COlor Origin" is a good choice- becasue it does not talk about clarity.


SO- of course when I bought this, the first thing I checked was the clarity- and it is very clean.

I won't assess a clarity grade higher than VS1- which is what we graded this puppy!

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