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did i make a mistake??????????


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I bought a diamond solitaire ring on ebay because the beautiful one that I had fell out of it's setting. Very sad...in any case, I'm not so wise about diamonds. i bought one that is 1.12 ct. It said that the color was H ( i think) brilliance was a 10 from 1-10...which I thought was good. It said that it was appraised at 5k which was from their jeweler. They have 300 sales with a 100% feedback score. I haven't paid for it yet, they have a money back guarentee...Help!

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annie7- You need to get it appraised first so a professional can evaluate it. And you need to do it fast so that you can meet the return timeframe. You can always call and ask for a guarantee extension.


Does it have a GIA report? A 1-10 brilliance scale, huh. Was this based on something in the listing?


This board has good appraisers. They'll probably log in and offer their advice.

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The return policy is ok but notice that you only have 7 days for your inspection. Also notice that you’re not allowed to remove the plastic tag if you’re going to ship it back. This is pretty tight and some appraisers are fairly busy folks. Schedule your appointment soon if you plan on getting it appraised and don't be slow about getting to the post office if you need to return it.


It lists a clarity of I-3. This is a big deal, make sure you understand what that means. It’s discussed in the tutorial at the top of the page and elsewhere. I-3’s are not for everyone. They are genuine diamonds (usually) but, in many cases, they look like a faceted sugar cube. It may be pretty but here's another big red flag --->


The item in the photograph is NOT your ring.


I can’t imagine what the 1-10 scale for shine/sparkle and scintillation/fire is talking about but perhaps they will be willing to explain it to you. Anyone who wants to can make up any scale they wish but that doesn’t mean you have to care. To be nice, this is a load of hooey. If I wasn’t being nice I would call it deceptive AND a load of hooey.


Hearts and Arrows symmetry in an I-3 is interesting concept. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Is it still hearts & arrows if the stone isn't transparent?


Nice box though.


A good deal is not just one with a low price, it’s one where you get what you want for a low price.



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I'd pass on this one real fast. Don't like the non-removal from the plastic bag.


How the hell is the Appraiser going to give you an accurate evaluation when he can't see the side and bottom of the diamond?


And what the heck is an SI-3 grade? GIA does not recognize or grade clarity to SI-3. It is either SI-2 or I-1 and there can be a significant visual difference between these two.


SI-3 was introduced by lower tier/quality diamond grading labs to finesse visually ugly diamonds into a "better" clarity so that Dealers can charge more and make consumers think they're getting a "better" quality diamond.


Don't get sucked in.


Also, keep in mind that this period between November and the end of December is the busiest time of the year for Jewelers and Appraisers. 7 days might not be enough time to get an appointment and ship the diamond back to the Vendor if you don't like it.

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There are a lot of red flags. Neil is probably right that you'll get something other than what is pictured. An I3 is rarely a thing of beauty.


If you cut and past 110051363981, you'll see that same diamond in a different listing. They changed the setting but the photo of the diamond compared side by side is exactly the same diamond. Different rings share the same diamond? I don't think so.


The prongs do give the illusion that it's not the same photo. When brought up side by side, I saw he'd used the same center diamond photo in the two different settings. There is no indication from the seller that this is a representative photo either. If it's representative, it should say so. But why use a representative photo? Because what is really for sale doesn't look so hot.


I thought about bringinig up the photos side by side on this thread but these are not my photos and the forum rules state that you don't post photos that are not owned by us.


It's also possible that is was clarity enhanced and that fact was not disclosed. This is a process by which they inject a substance in the diamond to look better. So when you get it, it might not look so bad if it was "filled" with a substance. Then again, it might look scary.

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Hi Annie,

This is a very good example of what to STAY AWAY from on eBay.,

If you look at the feedback rating you'll notice "Withdrawn Feedbacks"


That's HUGE red flag.

The buyer is so unhappy they post a negative feedback- immediately.,

The seller refuses the refund till the feedback's withdrawn.


I'm sorry you sent the money already........

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