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Tycoon Cut


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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the forum and will be proposing to my girl in the near future. I've been reading the topics here like crazy for the past week or so, and have found some great information (kudos to all!).


Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on the Tycoon Cut? After shopping around a little with my girlfriend, we found this cut at a local jeweler, and she loved it...but we thought it was out of our budget, so she has since forgotten about it (probably more accurately, she's just not mentioned it). I've managed to increase the budget some, and would love to consider this cut.


Any thoughts on this topic? Their generally uninformative website is here: Tycoon Cut


Thanks in advance!



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Mention Tycoon Cut to a consumer shopping for a diamond and you're very likely to get a blank vapid stare.


They have not exactly caught the market by storm and may likely be discontinued by the manufacturer as other specialty cuts such as the Queen of Hearts, Regent Cut, and Jubillee have been discontinued by their manufacturer Horowitz and Atlas.


So what do you do if your Gal wants to eventually upgrade and your jeweler balks at honoring his Upgrade Policy because he has no re-sale market?


You're caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.


Anyone remember the Edsel?

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