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non-certrified diamond


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My boyfriend was offered a non-certified diamond from a jewlery store well known for being honest my grandma recommended him. Should he forget about buying the diamond or look somewhere else? They said that it was a color f, a vs2 and a .84 carat for 3000. They showed it to him under the microscope and they pointed out the flaws in the diamond. They also showed him some more diamonds that were certified but he liked the non-certified one better. Should he still look around before making a decision or is getting a non-certified diamond a bad idea?

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It's not the lab that makes the stone beautiful but it is handy for keeping everybody on the same page. Tiny details can make a big difference in the pricing. GIA will inspect a stone that size for less than $100 and, for most people, the peace of mind is well worth the money.


Here's their instructions on how to submit a stone.





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They also showed him some more diamonds that were certified but he liked the non-certified one better.

That means a lot when purchasing something that you will be looking at for the rest of your life.. (we hope)..


That said, if a lab report will give you or him peace of mind, I agree, send it in.. But, with some rules.. If it comes back as declared you pay for the report and promise to buy the stone.. If it comes back less than originally stated then you are under no obligation to purchase but still can..

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HI Jenner,

In a case like yours, I feel the quality of the seller is crucial.

For example: A finer store carrying F/VS 3/4 carat diamonds might have them without GIA- and they might be ligit.

Of course you need to distinguish between a seller of quality diamonds who has GIA's on 1.00 and larger diamonds, and a schlock dealer who has NO GIA stones.


It is more common for very fine diamonds below one carat to be offered sans GIA- even from a good selle.

If you really want a GIA, and there's nothign wrong with that- look for a diamond which already has one.

Sending the stone you're looking at to GIA would be more trouble than it' worth. You can surely find a seller who's 3/4 carat diamonds do have GIA's if you are not comfortable buying one without from the person you're talking to.



Best of luck!

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I showed him everyones advice from the forum and he decided to call the jewlery place yesterday. They said sending the diamond to GIA was going to take about 2-6 weeks and it will cost 200-250 dollars. She also said that if he wanted to look at more certified diamonds they can look at some more that she has no problem if he doesn't feel comfortable with the idea that the diamond he likes isn't certified. She said that the wholesaler that diamond is from doesn't specialize in just diamonds thats why it wasn't certified. She also said that there is a big price difference with an f color, a vs 2 and being .84 being certified vs. non-certified. So now he has the idea that maybe they are misleading him saying its a different color and such because the place that did the apprasal doesn't just specialize in diamonds. I suggested to him to shop around a little and maybe you could find something else.

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The info and price on getting the GIA report is reasonable. But if they have others there with GIA reports, take a look at those. Unless I've misunderstood your post, it sounds like she's been straight up with you.


FYI- By the way, GIA doesn't certify diamonds. I know many use that phrase because customers understand it. But the GIA is pretty strict about it. So it's a diamond with a GIA Report.

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