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prices of hearts on fire vs regular diamonds


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‘Regular ideal’ is kind of a difficult concept. They aren’t all the same, the dealers aren’t all the same and they don’t all cost the same. You may find a more useful question to be how Hearts on Fire compares to similar diamonds with similar optics and with hearts and arrows symmetry. There are quite a few companies that sell premium cutting as part of their pitch.


Variations of this question come up fairly often on the forum and it would be worth a few minutes to browse through the answers. You may also find it helpful to look through the section titled ‘find online jeweler’ and enter a stone of your desired specs. When you find a stone that looks promising, click through to the dealers site and look at what additional information they have to say about it. The superideal cuts are almost always clearly labeled as something special and are often sold in a special section for this purpose where they’ll give you images of the hearts and arrows, ASET images, brilliancescope reports and similar sorts of things to demonstrate why you should buy from them instead of their various competitors. This process will quickly give you an idea of an appropriate budget, at least in this particular marketplace.


HoF dealers generally won’t stock stones that big but they have a network where they can sometimes sell each other’s stones if you ask. If you’ve got one in your neighborhood, pay them a visit and tell them what you’re shopping for. They should be happy to give you pricing information.



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HI Donna,

I've never been a fan of branded round diamonds- simply becasue I've always loved a 60% table.

This design aspect, combined with the overal depth generally needed for the "Hearts and Arrows" makes a 60/60 diamond different, visually.


A well cut 60/60 will get the same GIA cut grade as the best "Ideal" or Hearts and Arrows"

GIA's best cut grade- Excellent- includes both the "Ideal" as well as the 60/60.

The best cut round diamonds I've seen- or better phrased- the ones I preferred- did NOT exhinbit these H&A patterns- rather, they have a bright sparkle of light- so you can't really focus that well on this facet or that.

Teaditionally- H&A, "Ideal" cuts, non branded, but possesing the requisite AGS "Triple Zero" Cut Grade, would probably cost as much as 30-35%% more if we're talking about a diamond G/SI1 or better.


If it was a branded Heart on Fire, the difference might be similar.



The larger the diamond, the harder it is to find nowadays.


Are you looking at two specific diamonds?

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HOF diamonds carry significant price premiums because of the extensive 'brand' marketing and the hefty premiums that authorized dealers have to pay the HOF parent company to carry the brand.


The diamonds are AGS-Ideal H&A's and run the range of the AGS grading scale. This means that there will be diamonds within the brand that vary significantly on light performance.


Most HOF dealers provide no additional performance information beyond the AGS grading report. You're buying the "Brand" name much like Tiffany.

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