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Anniversary Ring Proportions Princess Cut


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Is there a common standard on an anniversary ring's main stone size versus the side stones. I'm looking at a 1.20-1.25 CWT center stone princess cut. What size should the side stones be relative to the main stone? Does is even matter?


Also, how should I be thinking in terms of cut and quality relative to the main stone versus the two side stones? Buy a better stone for the middle and lesser stone for the sides. The main stone will be in the G-H VS1 -VS2 quality.


If your stone budget is $10,000 how much should you spend as a % relative to the two side stones? I.E $6,000 for main stone and $2,000 for each side stone or $7,000 for main stone and $1,500 for each side stone?



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I will tell you that the smaller the side stones are the larger the center stone will appear. If you go with side stones that are about 0.25 - 0.50 the size of the 1.20-1.25 center stone you choose there should be a nice balanced look among the three stones. It all depends on the look you are trying to acheive.


Generally speaking you would want the side stones to be equal in quality or maybe one or two grades less. As the stones become smaller and set in metal it becomes more difficult to view the stones inclusions and color then when they are in loose form. As long as the center stone appears to be a brighter color you should be ok. I would recommend a G-I color and SI clarity for the side stones. You can go up to a VS for the side stones but the cost will increase and I am not sure you would really notice a significant difference.


Most of the budget will probably go towards the center stone. Really, it just depends on the look you are trying to achieve and what you are comfortable spending.


Best of Luck to you!

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