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difference between H and I


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Diamonds do not change color over time.. They can get dirty.. And enhanced diamonds 'may' experience a change in appearance, but natural diamonds are what they are..


As for seeing the difference between H and I colors.. I can't.. It's why I don't grade stones.. My eyesite simply isn't good enough to see that small of a color difference..

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As Steve and Lisa said- some people are far more color sensitive.

It is also true that some H, or I color diamonds may show more tint to someone sensitive.

We also need to make sure we're comparing two diamonds graded by GIA, if we really want to make a fair comparison.



PS- Sometimes I wish they got yellower over time- no such luck...

( We love yellow diamonds)

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It all comes down to "Cut".


The better the Cut of the diamond, the "whiter" the diamond will face up because there will be less light leaking out of the stone through the sides and the bottom (pavillion) and more light being refracted up to your eye through the Table facet and the surrounding Crown facets.


Therefore, if you have two diamonds of very good cut quality; one an H, the other an I color, there is no way that you can detect any difference between the two.


Maximizing Cut quality allows you to go down a bit in color and therefore a bit up in carat weight so that you max your dollar-buying power and can get a larger stone.


Same affect of Cut Quality works on clarity as well: The better the Cut, the "cleaner" the siamond will face up so that SI-1 and SI-2's will face up like VS/VVS's.


Check it out.

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