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An EGL diamond online...


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Hey everyone.

Looking to make THE purchase for my girl. She gave me some clues as to what she wants but I am thinking of going online to purchase the diamond and then going to pick her real band together. I think she wants that...deep down inside. Anyway, I found this one and its a really good deal. I see its certified by EGL though...is this a terrible thing? What do you all think about this one...help a brotha out!


Certificate: EGL

Shape: Princess

Cut: Select Ideal™

Carat: 1.03

Color: E

Clarity: VS1


Diamond Proportions:

Measurements: 5.63-5.43-4

Length to Width: 1.04

Depth Percentage: 73.7 %

Table Percentage: 71 %

Girdle: -

Culet: None (Pointed)

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None (Inert)

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It's not the lab that makes a beautiful diamond beautiful. It's true that EGL is less consistent than some of the other labs but this doesn't make them wrong. Get it checked out by a pro and actually look at the stone before you make the commitment to the deal but, so far, it looks ok. Ask the dealer what "select ideal" means. This is not an industry standard term and not everyone uses these sorts of terms in an accurate and useful way.



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I agree with denverappraiser 100%! Make sure to find out what they mean by "select ideal" because it might mean something different than when we use the term Ideal cut, although those specs are in the Ideal range they may just have a specific cut registered to only that vendor. Also see if you can find out what the girdle is and make sure to stay away from the extremes (extremely thin and extremely thick).


From the specs it looks like a good choice!!!

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I'm not exactly on the same page with a diamond with a high grade- such as E/VS1 which lacks a GIA report...

When you say "really good deal" what are we talking?


I agree you can't judge a diamond merely by the presence of a lab report- BUT- I find that serious dealers use only one report- GIA

I also find hard cold evidence that generally- the better diamonds get sent to GIA.


GIA has begun grading "Cut" on round diamonds this year.

Short of that, I don't think anyone else's idea of what constitutes "Ideal" means anything at all.

If a seller has a title for a cut grade it very well might be a very well cut diamond- but there is no industry accepted "Ideal" cut for a princess.



Barry's suggestion is a good one- get a photo to start!

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Keep in mind that EGL grading is "softer" compared to GIA.


An EGL "E/VS-1" may get anywhere from F-G color and VS-2/SI-1 clarity from GIA.


The tradeoff is that you're paying LESS for the EGL paper than you would for the GIA lab report.


Your call.

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