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Biro 88 Diamonds


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Hello, just wondering if anyone has any comments on the Biro 88 diamonds?




My girlfriend and I went shopping yesterday and she fell in love with the Veraggio ENG-0069P setting for $2999. We were shown a 1.02ct Biro88 center stone, it looked very nice in comparison to the normal cut stone that we were shown. Anyway they wanted $5899 for the Biro, it was 1.02 with H color and SI2....I just emailed the jeweler for the rest of the stats from the grading.....but would appreciate any comments with what I know as of right now....thank you!

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Diamond designs with extra facets can give a stone a different look that a lot of people like. By all means shop for one if you like them and there are lots of players in this market but be aware of sales hype on these sorts of stones. It's even worse than usual. The sellers tend to want to use facet count as a distraction to prevent you from looking at the quality of cutting. All the rules of physics still apply and not all 88 (or 108 or any other count) are going to be the same. The number of facets is not what makes one stone more brilliant than another.


It's also worth noting that the stone being shown to you as 'normal' or even 'regular ideal' was not chosen at random. This is part of a sales presentation that was designed to get you to buy a particular stone, as is the store lighting. It's not correct to assume that all stones being sold as 'ideal' are going to look the same or that they will look the same in all lighting environments.



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