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Thanks a million, literally!!!!!!

Guest myranda

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Guest myranda

I'd just like to start off by expressing my thanks to Denverappraiser whom had been replying to my previous 2 questions and to Diamond.info for making this site available. Going back to my previous two questions on this forum, we finally got a faxed copy of the EGL report for the 4.21 ct diamond from our jeweler(whom we've been working with for thte past 11 years and have sent so many referrals including many friends and families). From the time that we got the faxed copy "while still waiting for the original to come in" we had a chance to logged on some of the referred sites to do research on this stone. We logged on the EGL site and typed in the certificate #81038305D found on the copy and discovered that it is I color with VS2 clarity, the info listed on the copy was one grade and one clarity better than that found on the site of EGL. I also found the exact diamond online through 1 of the "find online jeweler" with the same certificate # , which was consistent with the info found from EGL. Looking into this further, we realized the report was a very poor botched job of cut & paste to create a fake report. This was a huge red flag, so we wanted to wait and see how far either our jeweler or the diamond dealer was going to take this. Just yesterday, the jeweler called and said to come on in because the dealer had just dropped off the "original" report. We came in to look at the report and sure enough it was a fake, whoever did it, did such a poor job that he even cut out pictures of the enlarged diamond of top and bottom (where the inclusions were suppose to be shown and mapped) and pasted on then he laminated it but found out that he forgot to sign where the it says "laboratory director" so he signed outside of the laminate with a permanent pen. After looking at this fake report, I could no longer control my anger so I'd told them that it was a fake, and I'd also used by palm device to pull up the certificate # directly from EGL site to show them that the clarity and the grade was altered. They were stunned but blamed it on the dealer, and said that they never knew the certificate was a fake. Is there anything that I can do to make sure this won't happen to anyone elses? Can I find out who the diamond dealer is since this same dealer is offering the same stone to the other online jeweler? I don't think it's the dealer's wrong doing but my jeweler's instead, what can I do with him? Can I report him to the diamond dealer or better business bureau? Please advise and accept my sincere thanks because if it wasn't for your expertise and time we would have been tricked out of tens of thousands of dollars. Great day.


Kind regards,



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Good grief!


I’m glad I could help.


Start by reporting the jeweler to the BBB, the Jewelers Board of Trade and local district attorney’s office. This is an attempted fraud and, if there are other complaints about this sort of thing then they can build a case against them. Sometimes the newspapers and TV stations are interested in this sort of thing as well, especially if you happen to be a little old lady, war widow or some similar group that is well presented on the tellie. You don’t really have any damages so you don’t really have much in the way of a legal case but you can leave a paper trail behind you for the benefit of the next person. EGL-USA, on the other hand, has definitely been damaged. This is counterfeiting and it’s damaging their reputation in a big way. Depending on that signature, it might even be identity theft! They take this sort of thing very seriously and you can bet they will be interested in the details. Do you still have the fax they sent you? Think of it as exhibit A. Does it have the little fax header that says who sent it to you? Send a copy to EGL and make sure that header is included. I assume they kept the ‘original’ (which would be the smoking gun)



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Good work, Neil.


Myranda, absolutely take Neil's advice; especially sending this material to EGL-USA with a cover letter describing your experience.


Definitely actionable on the part of EGL against both the Jeweler and the Diamond Dealer.

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