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cut grade & extra facet: how important?


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Shopping for a diamond--found one with ideal characteristics except for two things listed on the GIA report:


1. cut grade = good


2. diamond has an "extra facet" on the outer-most diameter (as viewed from bottom)


How important is "cut grade" and is the extra facet something to worry about?



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Sorry--I'm finding that the diamond jargon makes descriptions sort of difficult.



By "ideal", I meant "relatively good" based on AGA (American Gem Appraisers) tables.


Actually, I posted the original question once more on the 'The Rock' forum rather than 'The Rock FAQ' forum. I've got more specific info posted there.


Thanks for the feedback.

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No problem. I asked about 'ideal' because that's a buzzword that gets tossed around pretty lightly in this industry and it can mean very different things to different people.


Here's your specs from the other post. I'm copying them here so that we are all in the same thread:



Per AGA tables, all proportions are 1A except:

pavilion height & girdle are 1B

crown angle is 2A


GIA-rated color = F

GIA-rated clarity = VS2

polish = excellent

symmetry = very good

no culet

Holloway score = 1.0



It's probably worth looking at if you are otherwise happy with the deal. I'm not a huge fan of the HCA or, for that matter, the AGA tables for predicting how a a stone will look and you haven't given enough of the information to identify why Facetware didn't like it.


In general, extra facets are not a big problem and, when they are, they will usually drop the symmetry to less than very good and/or the girdle to very thin.



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