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Sara 'n Joe


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So I posted a question about my engagement ring, and to provide some entertainment I figured the least I could do was post our story :D I'm a 24 yr old veterinary student and my now-fiance Joe is a full time student and has a full time sales job. As you can imagine, we don't see each other much. We met in undergrad at West Virginia University (Go Mountaineers!) and have been together almost 5 years. I grew up in Pittsburgh PA, so we travel back there as often as possible. I had been suspecting something for the past couple of months. I knew that he and my mother had been shopping at my family jewler's back home, but I doubted that he actually HAD the ring. How wrong I was ;) It was under my nose for 6 weeks in our apartment! This past weekend, we went to Pittsburgh to see my family and to have lunch downtown with Joe's best friend from childhood. My gears were really grinding when he told me that we were going to the Georgetown Inn on top of Mt Washington. It's one of my favorite places, and is right next to a great scenic overlook that has a spectacular view of the city. Pittsburgh is right next to a big mountain (for PA standards) - Mt Washington. To get over the mountain into downtown, you can take what are called inclines. They're box-shaped cars that go up and down a track, pulled by a large cable. There are two, both with spectacular views at the top. Joe didn't believe me when I said that we wanted to go up the Duquesne incline, and we went up the Monongahela instead. When we got to the top and he realized that we weren't near the restaraunt, he panicked. I actually felt guilty because I was pretty sure I knew what was coming, and he was SO worried/nervous/upset. The two inclines are a mile apart, so we began our scenic hike across the top of Mt. Washington to the <i>other</i> incline. When we arrived, as we posed for some pictures with Heinz Field in the background, who should appear but my <i>entire family....</i> Mom, sister, Dad, Step-mom, Step-brother, Joe's Mom, Dad, sister and her boyfriend, and both grandmothers. Of course, they arrived just in time to take some well thought-out pictures:






More pictures here...


Then we all had an awesome lunch with our family, as expected ;)

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Great story, now i will add some stories that my costumers send in to me, hope you will enjot them.


It was a beautiful spring day and my boy friend took me to flight school which gives you plane rides for two, over any neighboring area you request.

Flying in private planes was always my little dream. We started flying over the section of the city where I live in, which has a baseball field nearby. Imagine my shock when across the field I saw written in large letters made out of white cloth “Tina, will you marry me, yours forever Michael.” I looked at Michael and we embraced and with tears in my eyes I said yes. Next he presented me with the most beautiful platinum ring with a 1 carot diamond set in a tiffany setting. It sparkled like nothing I have ever seen before. This was truly the happiest and most memorable moment in my life thus far.


My marriage proposal was out in the open sea- a place where both Robert and I love to be. Robert had rented a yacht, which had sails. It was a lovely day with sky so blue and the sun shining brightly. We started out with the sails rolled up. After about 15 minutes, the winds changed and the crewman taking us rolled down the sails. The large white sail read in large letters, “Samantha, will you marry me? I was thrilled. Then Robert showed me a little gift box. When I opened it there sat the most brilliant diamond ring you ever saw. Its three square diamonds sparkled in the sun, it took my breath away. I hugged him and kissed.him. Of course, I said yes.


I am a public school teacher and standing in front of my class one day, one of the students passed a note to another student. I immediately went up to his desk and took away the note. When I got to the front of the class, I opened the note to read it. It said, “Will you marry me please?” I looked at the student and thought, Boy this guy needs help: But then at that instant, in walked my boyfriend Sean, carrying a black velvet cushion with a ring box on top. He kneeled down on one knee and said, “Will you?” There was total silence in the classroom. I simply said yes and we embraced amidst loud cheering and applause. Next, the principal walked in beaming. I had never been so surprised in my life.

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