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I just got my engagement ring this past Saturday (and for picking your brains I'll post the obligatory engagement story in the appropriate forum :D




I don't know all the specs on it; I'm not really sure that it matters as far as my question goes. So I was bored last night and I'm not sure what prompted me, but I took a small pen light and was shining it on my ring in a dark room and making all the pretty reflections dance on the ceiling (yes, apparently I have no life). Anyways, after I turned out the light I noticed that one of the stones in my ring was glowing. For comparison, it looked about the color and intensity of an indiglo watch face that was almost out of battery power. Faint, light green. The glowing continued for at least 5 minutes, in fact I fell asleep before it stopped. Last night I was using a light that projected a little college logo, so I wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it so today I locked myself in the bathroom with my maglite, reproduced the same situation, and pinned it down to the exact stone that was glowing. As I suspected, I can't tell the difference between the glowing and non glowing stones on regular visual inspection. I realize that's the way it usually is with us lamens anyway, we often can't tell you much other than "it's sparkly!". I found this website talking about this phenomenon but have had a hard time coming up with anything else. I'm absolutely fascinated and wondered: is this a common thing? Would it be noted anywhere in the paperwork I got with the ring? With all other factors (C's) being equal, does this change the value of the stone? I've read the FAQ on fluorescence, but wondered if this was different because it continues to glow after the light source is gone. I'm assuming it's not unlike other glow in the dark objects that absorb light then re-emit it at a different wavelength over a period of time. Like I said, I'm not so much worried about the value of the stone so much as fascinated by the phenomenon and curious to learn more.


Thanks in advance!


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So are you all too nice to tell me something terrible like "Sara, only fake diamonds glow in the dark" or does no one have any idea why my diamond would glow? I'm confused because everything I've read about phosphorescence discusses it taking place after UV light, however mine glows after exposure to regular light. I'm starting to wonder if I should be worried?

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It's not that we're ignoring you, phosphorescence is a very unusual characteristic and it's hard to comment without seeing the stone. Certain synthetic diamonds have a greenish phosporescence like you describe but it's pretty unusual even with them. I've never seen it last for more than a few seconds, and this was for educational stones that were chosen specifically to demonstrate the phenomena.


Have you showed it to an expert to get an opinion?



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