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Is it worth $30,000?

Guest lee hardwick

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Guest lee hardwick

We have been looking at this ring and my girlfriend loves it. We were hoping by this information you can tell us is this ring is worth this price. They want $30,000.



GIA Reprt:15210875

Cut-Cornered Rectangular Step Cut

9.04 x 8.49 x 6.10 mm

Carat Weight: 4.02

Color: U to V range, light brown

Clarity: VVS2

Total Depth: 71.8%

Table Size: 58%

Girdle: Medium to very thick

Culet: None


Symmetry: Good

Flourescence: Faint

Comments: none

Key to Symbols: Feather, Natural, Extra Facet


This is an estate piece set in platnium, witha total weight of 6.58

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Get it appraised by an appraiser who #1, understands the fancy diamond market and, #2 understands that you are asking for purchase advice, not some inflated insurance document. There's no way to give a useful answer to something like this without both seeing the piece and discussing the marketplace with you.



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