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Am I paying a good price for my diamond?


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I saw a ladies' diamond solitaire ring set in 14K yellow gold. The single diamond weighs 3.20 carats. It is a round cut. The color is J and the clarity is SI3. The seller is asking for $4,500. I think this is a very good deal and I've talked to another jeweler who told me that it is indeed after hearing my description of the diamond. The seller said the reason he is selling it for that price is because he is in a tight bind and needs the cash. He will not take any other form of payment. He is not being pushy. He just says that he knows it's a good deal and knows he'll sell it. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to buy a 3.20 carat solitaire for $4,500. What is your opinion? Thank you.

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Who graded it J/SI3?


I would suggest getting it appraised before you commit. Find an appraiser in the neighborhood and both of you go together to visit them. You pay. If it comes out a genuine diamond that's correctly graded and has no other major problems then you've got a bargain and you can buy it on the spot. If it somes out something other than that then you dodged a bullet. Either way, you got your money's worth out of the appraiser and maybe got a smoking deal on a diamond as well. The seller should have no problem since it costs him nothing and, assuming he's telling you the truth, he'll walk away with a pocket full of money.



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