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The following description was sent to me via email after I asked for information on a 2 carat diamond. : 2.02, H, VVS2 with a price of $45,ooo !!! WHAT is the difference in pricing? Is it just the store? My fiance has checked several places, someone suggested DeBeers. He thought they might actually be less expensive than the stores,,,wrong. The 45,ooo price tag came from them. HOW do you know what is a "reasonable" price ???


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Different stores charge different amounts for their services and branding. DeBeers charges quite a bit for theirs. You can buy a perfectly good pair of jeans from Target but it’s not going to be the same general experience as shopping on Rodeo drive. Is it worth it? It’s hard to say - I buy my stuff at Target but there seems to be no shortage of people willing to shop at more expensive places and they are generally well aware that they could be getting lower prices elsewhere. They seem to be happy anyway. The marketplace for diamonds is pretty competitive and you can get a good feel for the ‘bottom line’ fairly quickly. Go to the link at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’ and type in your set of specs with a little bit of range for the size. You’ll get a list of dozens of offers for things in that general range from half a dozen different vendors. Click twice on the word ‘price’ at the top of the column and it will sort the offers in descending order by price. The ones near the top of the list are going to be the ideal and excellent cuts with the premium brand grading reports, special symmetry paterning and the like. The bottom of the list is going to be the ones with some sort of a tradeoff to bring down the price. The ‘open’ button at the right of the listing will take you to an ad on the vendors website with details both about that stone and, with a bit of hunting, details about why you should buy from that particular supplier over their numerous competitors. With a stone like you’re looking for, you won’t see that big a range but if you search for a 1.00-1.03 VS2/G round you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Look at a few ads, call up the dealers offering them and talk to them about it. In addition to some personal education, your hunting for a dealer who thinks the way that you do at least as much as you're hunting for a particular stone. Use some of the money you’ll save to buy an independent 3rd party appraisal so you don’t have to be so worried about buying from a dealer that you’ve never heard of before. You’ll get a better stone, save a bundle of money and you won’t have to put up with the attitude at the DeBeers store. You can get a pretty good feel from their tutorials and phone behavior which ones deserve your business and they might have other stones available that aren’t listed here. If you’re worried about buying online, many of them have showrooms or display offices where you can go to examine the stone and do the deal in person. Ask ‘em. Several are actually retail stores that are using this as a place to expand their market to out-of-town customers while others are lean and mean Internet only operations.


I regularly have people request a dealer to send the stone directly to me and they fly in for an appraisal and inspection (just in case you needed a good excuse to come to Colorado B) ).



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