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Lazare Diamonds--worth the price?


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Thanks. I did call a jeweler in Chicago that sells Lazare and she said that you would get very close to what you paid for the diamond because of the name and quality but it's not an actual "guarantee" from Lazare.


How do you know if the price is too high? The stone was absolutely stunning.

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The premium associated with branding is considerable and I flatly disagree with the claim being made above but I guess it depends on what you consider to be ‘very close’. There’s not doubt about it, Lazare cutters do wonderful work and that the stones can be stunning but there are plenty of other companies that also produce stunning stones as well. The dealer may have a trade-up or buyback program but Lazare does not and if you’re going to rely on one of these programs, read the fine print carefully, you're betting quite a bit of money on it. Don’t fall for the line that this is an investment. There are plenty of good reasons to buy an expensive diamond - Among other things, it can serve for a lifetime as a symbol for your wife that she is loved, it can demonstrate that you’re a success and they are just plain fun to own, but they are NOT good investments. Here’s a test. You probably already own a diamond or two – try to sell one. There will be buyers who advertise in the newspaper and phonebook in your town and they generally try to make themselves as easy to find as possible. Ring one of them up. It’s even better if you’ve got a Lazare, Tiffany, Hearts on Fire or similar premium brand to offer. Tell them that you need the money, show them your insurance appraisal and then listen to what they have to say. You don’t have to go through with the deal if you don’t want to but take it far enough that you get an actual bid from a real dealer who doesn’t have a $27k sale pending on it. If you were selling it today, how much could you get?


WARNING: Don’t let them do destructive tests on either your stone or your mounting in order to make the bid. If they can’t make a bid, or at least a conditional bid without damaging the piece, find someone else.


I’m not trying to scare you away from this deal, $27k for a 2.54 I/SI1 Lazare is a pretty good offer on what I’m sure is a fabulous stone but don’t go into this under any expectation that you’ll ever see that money again.



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