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:::::Quality vs. Size:::::??????


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Hi everyone,


I've been shopping around online for a Princess Cut. I have found TWO Stones; where one is bigger (with good quality) and the other is a bit smaller, but of better quality. Both are GIA certified and both are very similar in price!


"Bigger" means I break the 1 carat mark; but "Smaller" means really excellent quality for my budget.

They are as follows... (I appreciate any help PLEASE!!! I'm really stuck on this!)



OPTION A (Better Quality - "Smaller")-


Carat: .82

Cut: Very good

Color: E

Clarity: VVS2



Dimensions: 5.13 x 4.99 x 3.66 mm

L x W ratio: 1.03 to 1

Table%: 72 %

Depth%: 73.30 %

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Good

Girdle: Medium-Thick

Culet: None

Fluorescence: None



OPTION B (Good Quality - "Bigger")-


Carat: 1.02

Cut: Very good

Color: G




Dimensions: 5.70 x 5.40 x 3.86 mm

L x W ratio: 1.06 to 1

Table%: 74 %

Depth%: 71.50 %

Polish: Good

Symmetry: Very good

Girdle: Medium-Slightly Thick

Culet: None

Fluorescence: None

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There’s no stratghtforward way for us to answer this. Some people like the idea of a stone being over a carat in weight and are willing to pay extra for it. There's certainly nothing wrong with this but it's not really a gemological question.


You mentioned that stone #1 as being ‘better’. I presume by this you mean clarity and color as reported on the lab report. Have you seen the stones? Is #1 prettier? The difference between VVS1 and VS1 will not be eye visible so the big topics are going to be color and cutting. We don’t know much about the cutting on either stone but it makes a huge difference in the beauty. How to decide? Look at them, together if possible, and in a variety of lighting environments.


Ask the dealer or your appraiser why the symmetry on #1 is only ‘good’.

#1 is probably more square than #2. Is this something you’re hoping for in your ring design or is the slight rectangle of #2 a better shape?



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When I bought my engagement ring, I faced the same decision. Because the difference between VVS1 and VS1 will not be eye visible, I went to a 1.01. I think she was happy that when asked, she could say "its just over a ct.". The other way, she would have said, its under a ct. People can be catty. I think getting the ct. will make her happier. At least in my situation, it was the right one.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for your input!


I'm buying these stones online so unfortunately, I won't be able to see it live until it's been shipped to me.


Concerning the shape of the 2 stones, the 'bigger' diamond has a length to width ratio which is more rectangular... (LxW: 1.06 to 1).


Apparently that is just .01 mm too much, but does that really affect the value of the stone? Is rectangular necessarily bad?


I also found some other really great stones from a site called 'Novori.com'.

Has anyone heard of this place?


Thanks so much again,

I'll let you know how it turns out!!!!



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No, rectangular isn't necessarily bad and it's not a huge deal to the prices. It's a matter of getting what you want. It has a big effect on the overall look. Some ring designs look a lot better with a more square stone while others look better with a more rectangular shape. Rectangular stones are, in general, less lively than square one although there are other things that affect your light performance as well.


That's a nice looking site and their terms and conditions look pretty good. They are dropshipping for some other vendors so it's worth noting that not only are you working blind, so are they. This approach tends to produce low prices but it can lead to difficulties as well because there are so many important details that aren't listed on the lab report. I highly recommend getting the stone examined by both you and your appraiser before you have it set so that you can be sure it's the right one. They've got a 30 day return period so you have sufficient time to have a pro look it over but you really shouldn't neglect this step.



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