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How long does it take to get report of a stone

Guest myranda

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Guest myranda

Hi, I've been searching to buy a bigger diamond. Finally, I've found one through my jeweler whom I've been purchasing stuff for years. I was told by her that the stone which I'm interested in came with an EGL report from L.A. (she had said that the EGL reports from Europe are not accurate nor reliable). After about a week of negotiation, we finally came a purchasing price between myself, my jeweler and the diamond dealer with the belief that an EGL report came with the stone. I've always gotten a "second appraisals" on all my prior purchases from this jeweler regardless if it came with a report or not but always with someone she'd recommended. The same would have been done this time for this stone but prior to going I'd asked to see the EGL report, she then told me that the diamond dealer had lef it at another store because it was a larger stone so he did that to see whichever store can sell it first. Then I'd demanded to see at least a faxed copy of it so my jeweler then told me that the dealer didn't obtain one for this stone yet. She said it should be about another week because the dealer was going o mail it to L.A. to get a report made for the stone. This is where I need your expertise: Is it okay for them to do that? Will this alter the price of our original negotiation given that the report will come back with all the same characteristics as originally stated? How long does it take to get a report for a diamond? and is it true that EGL Europe reports are not as reliable as L.A.? I'm thinking of finding my own appraiser instead of going with my jewelers recommendation this time can you refer me to one in my area? Please advise, thank you in advance for your time and efforts.


M.N. San Jose, Ca

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I do not find opinions by EGL International to be as reliable as opinions by EGL-USA but this is pretty faint praise. I don’t find either to be as reliable as GIA or AGS and I don’t find any of them to be a particularly complete description of a princess cut diamond.


To answer your direct questions:

EGL-USA takes about a week to do their work plus the transit time to and from the lab.

Assuming the contents of the report are as expected and what you've agreed to buy is an EGL-USA graded stone then, no it shouldn’t alter your negotiation.


An appraisal supplied by the seller is identical to any other statement provided by the seller. This is certainly useful for what it is but it is NOT a ‘second opinion’ or in any way a confirmation of the accuracy of what the dealer has told you, even if the appraiser is 'independent'. An appraiser referred by the jeweler is marginally better but be careful about the obvious conflict of interest here. The best way is for you to choose the appraiser and for the appraiser to not even know who the seller is. There are some good places to look for appraisers at www.ags.org , www.appraisers.org, www.isa-appraisers.org and www.najaappraisers.com



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