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compare hearts of fire diamond and leo diamond


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I have seen a Leo diamond at a jeweler, another had one called hearts of/on fire, both with lots of fire,,,what is the difference? If these 2 brands are so perfectly cut, why don't more jewelers offer them? How do you know what IS a good price for the following: 2 carat, H or I, vvsi We have looked at a large center stone with small ones on the band, 14kt yellow gold and in platinum. There is a wide variety of prices! Thanks for any and all advice

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Both Hearts on Fire and Leo are specialty branded stones sold through their authorized dealer network only. I would not describe either of them as ‘perfectly cut’ any more than I would describe BMW as ‘the ultimate driving machine”, registered trademarks notwithstanding. Each stone stands or fails on it’s own merits. Both Leo and HoF are fine companies and they make some excellent products but they don’t aim for the ‘discount’ marketplace. Rather like BMW I suppose.


Start with a bit of education. The forum here is a good place to begin. As you read comments, you will notice that some people are obviously dealers and they seem to know what they’re talking about. Use the link at the bottom of the page to click through and see their websites. Many of them have excellent tutorials on the subject of what makes one stone more valuable than another one that’s superficially similar. The difference is usually in the cutting and grading accuracy. Many storefront retailers also have strong educational offerings that are worth looking into.


Choosing the right dealer who thinks the way that you do will go a long way to making this a painless shopping process.



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