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windows in diamonds


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i am purchasing a 3.3 rectangular radiant cut D, SI1, G, G, N with a 57 depth and a 74 table that was just polished and after polishing we lost .2 of ct for a total weight now of 3.31. After it was polished and looking at the diamond between my fingers i noticed that there were 2 spots that i could see through the diamond. What i mean is the diamond is brilliant but if you look carefully at the diamond with the naked eye there are 2 little spots where it looks like a window that you can see the color if my skin. In other words there is no reflection of light bouncing back it just goes through. Will this decrease the value of the stone? the seller is asking for $38,500 and i am having a hard time believing that the stone is worth that when you can see through it. Are these spots considered an imperfection or inclusion? I am having the diamond GIA certified since the last time it was certified was in 1998. Please email me billmerino@yahoo.com or call 714-402-5312.



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Get it appraised by a competent gemologist who understands cutting before you commit to this, or any other stone of this magnatude. If you don’t have one locally, consider doing it long distance or even traveling to get it done. There’s quite a bit of money involved here. I can’t give much without seeing the stone but what you describe is a bad sign for the cutting and 57% is pretty flat for a radiant. Cutting has a significant effect on both the beauty and value of a stone. By the way, cutting is not mentioned on GIA grading reports for radiants. I agree that it should have one prepared anyway, and it should be the seller who orders and pays for it, not you, but in any case it won’t answer your question at hand.


Why was it recut?

Do you love it?



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