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What does this mean?


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My fiance just surprised me with a new ring. I really don't understand why, but anyway... It's a 1.1 ctw round diamond flanked by two rounds on each side, set in 18k white gold. The jeweler said it was a Russian diamond and they're the best, also it's an Imperial ring. I don't know what any of that means. I've never known much about jewelry, so went online and found that Russian diamonds are fake and I found nothing on Imperial rings. Can anybody please tell me what these mean? Are all Russian diamonds really fake? I would believe it (even though I don't want to) because the store is going out of business. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks so much!

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If you're in doubt that you got what you paid for, get it appraised by an independent expert.


Russia is both a mining and cutting location for diamonds and there are plenty of genuine diamonds that can accurately be described as 'Russian' for both of these reasons but there are also fakes and synthetics that get sold using that word. It's usually not difficult for an expert to tell the diffierence.


I have no idea what 'imperial ring' means.



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