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Price for 3.02 ct round J, SI1


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I am looking to upgrade my wedding set. I currently have a round diamond, 1.64 ct stone, color I. SI2. The diamond I am looking at is 3.02 center round stone, color J, SI1. The retain on the 3.02 diamond is $34,000, with the trade of my 1.64 diamond they are asking for an additional $13,600. I purchased my original diamond with the same company. I feel this is alittle pricy and maby I am not getting the best deal. Can you please give me some direction. I would truly appreciate it. Have a great day.


Sherry Greer

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A trade in is basically two transactions rolled into one. You’re buying a diamond and you’re selling a diamond. You can and should evaluate the deals separately.


RE: The one you’re buying. Use the tool at the top of the page titled ‘find online jeweler’ to get a feel for pricing, at least in the market here. You’ll see quite a big range of prices for what look superficially like pretty similar stones. The difference has to do with cutting, grading accuracy and other variables beyond the weight/color/clarity that you’ve provided. Some local jewelers offer quite a bit of additional value in the form of added convenience that tends to bring up the price a bit but this will give you a place to start. It’s up to you to decide if the additional benefits of buying locally are worth the additional costs.


For the one you’re selling, you can do roughly the same test if you know a little bit more about it. Individual resale prices tend to be about ½ to 2/3 of what the same stone would be advertised for here. Again, be careful that you’re comparing with the correct stone and that the dealers here have a ‘bundle of benefits’ just like the stores in your neighborhood and it can affect their prices depending on the nature of the offer.


If you don’t know what you have, I would start by getting it appraised by an independent 3rd party appraiser. There’s quite a bit of money at stake.



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