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Diamond Hardness


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I just had my wedding ring sized and received a call from the jeweler that my center diamond (.75 carat princess cut) was chipped in the process. They told me that they would replace it with the same cut and quality stone. Sounds fishy to me as I thought diamonds were supposed to be one of the hardest stones. Would you suggest I have it appraised by an independent appraiser as soon as I get my ring back?

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Hardness is a resistance to scratching, not a resistance to chipping. Diamonds can be rather fragile and can sometimes be chipped in setting or during ordinary wear. The offer from your jeweler to replace the stone with a comparable new one is reasonable.


Yes, I would recommend you get it appraised by an independent expert when it comes back although I recommend this anyway on newly purchased and expensive goods. It's not a vote against the reliability of your jeweler. It provides a benchmark for defining at the insurance company exactly what you have and eliminates concerns over quality of materials and craftsmanship.


The ability to chip a diamond with just the right blow is one of the things that people want to insure against. After you get it appraised, I recommend contacting your insurance agent and getting a policy to cover it.



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