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ideal cute princess


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AGS has a definition of an ideal cut princess but it’s not a simple set or proportions. It’s a fairly complicated formula involving the relationships between the various angles as well as the polish and symmetry of the stone. If you’re interested in one, the ONLY way to meet the requirements is to buy a stone graded as ‘zero’ cut by AGS lab. Most dealers can get them if you ask.


It’s worth noting that AGS’s definition of ideal cut does not mean the same as ‘best’. There are plenty of non-AGS goods that are quite lovely and that would not meet their definitions. Not everyone uses the term in the same way and it can vary wildly in meaning. It tends to be a pretty confusing term and GIA refuses to use it for this reason. If you find a dealer using it, ask them what THEY mean. Some are very specific while others mean little more than table and depth ratios.



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