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Problem with Clarity...particularly Si1


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Hi..I just recently purchased a blue nile ring that was rated Si1. Its been ~25 days since my purchase and my fiance just noticed a black speck in the diamond. I thought that Si1 you couldn't see the inclusions unless under 10x magnification. I never noticed it before but now that she pointed it out it seems extremely obvious. Should I ask for an exchange? I've already got the ring resized...would that be a problem...I know I should be asking blue nile this but I would love to get some opinions from yall.


Thank you for your time.

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‘Eye visible’ is not part of the definitions of SI1 grades but it’s pretty unusual for an inclusion in an SI1 to be ‘extremely obvious’. This may be a simple matter of a piece of debris on the diamond that you are seeing reflected. Clean it thoroughly with windex or one of the specialty jewelry cleaners and see if that helps. If you decide that it still bugs you, contact Blue Nile about a return. As I recall, they give you 30 days so you should be in a hurry. Check their website or the paperwork they sent you with the purchase for details about their return policy. With most jewelers, the sizing will prevent you from returning the ring mounting and there may be some charges to change the stone but I would expect them to be fairly reasonable. They’re a reputable company.



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I bought an Si1 from an online dealer. They said I wouldn't see the inclusion, but she did after a few weeks, and it bothered her. It was in a spot, that was easily identified. I returned it 25 days into the 30 days. They where mad, and wouldn't let me buy a better si1 from them. So I bought my next diamond from another online dealer with a 30 day guarantee. He said it was "eye clean", and it was. The inclusion, was in a beter, less noticable spot. And we are so much happier!

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SI grade was always a problem.

Inclusions tend to stick out when the stone is dirty, so first this isto hold the stone with your fingers and let the oil from your hands cover the stone. That way you will find out right away if it is eye clean.


Any clarity grade can have black imperfection even VVS.

Always ask if it has black inclusion and where the inclusion is located.



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