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please help


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'Premium' is kind of a funny choice of words and not every dealer or lab will use it in the same way. Ring up the dealer and ask them precicely what they mean by this.


Princess cuts tend to have pretty big tables and, as with the above, not every gemologist or lab measures them in the same way. For a GIA stone, 79% is pretty big but not, in and of itself, a deal killer.


It's almost impossible to sensibly buy a princess cut without looking at it or having your chosen expert look at it (preferably both). Get an experienced and independent expert opinon about the cutting before your final comitment.



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I bought my engagement ring from Union Diamond. From my personal experience, they where excellent. I did have it evaluated by a local professional during the 30 day return window. I recommend that, if you do buy from them. Just to put your mind at ease. For me, it worked out to be a great deal and I plan on buying the matching wedding band from them.

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