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Can Cut Camouflage Clarity?


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Your site is great!


My correct question after rethinking this is...can shape camouflage clarity?


I am looking at a Princess, Emerald, maybe Marquis shaped diamond in the 1 Carat range with VG Cut or Ideal. The Radiant shape is also a possibility, but I like the cleaner lines if possible.


I am finding that VVS2 or below is a little too high with a D-F color. Will cut camouflage a VS1 or VS2? Could I possible go with SI1 or G color with a certain cut and still get the sparkle?


I guess I am looking for the best balance/value at approx 1 Carat in those particluar cuts, and I'd rather not compromise D-F color.



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Clarity almost does not affect the brilliance of the stone. The question is if you are willing to live with a diamond where you can see the inclusion with naked eye.


Most of my customers to save money they ask for "eye clean" stone. The grade in that case can be SI3 at the lowest. In some cases SI1 can be visible, it depend on what type of inclusions, location, type of stone cut, and size.


Cut is the most crucial. You can have ideal VVS D color but the stone will look "dead".


I sold J color Emeralds that looked better then most G color due to cut.


Another impact makes the rough quality. The only way to determine rough quality is by experience.


Bottom line:


This is the most important.

My advise to you is first do not be concern of the clarity grade unless you can see it with naked eye.


I attached a 3.00ct Emerald I sold last month.

This is what you need to look for. Note that "Step cut" stones, such as Emerald, and Ascher are harder to achieve high brilliance and the cut quality is more important then Princess and Round.

This stone is SI2 clarity, but due to the shape, location and angle of the inclusion, the stone is clean to the naked eye.


Let me know if you have any questions:

Good Luck,




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