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Is Natural on Girdle OK?


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Hi, I'm considering purchasing a 1.5 ct pear with a medium girdle--- it has a natural on the girdle that is just barely visible to the naked eye if looking very very closely. I can feel it slightly when I run my fingernail over it. It extends about 1mm into the stone. Other than that, the cut, color, clarity and price are just what I'm looking for.


I'm a novice, and want to understand just what a "natural" means in terms of the stone's integrity--- is it weaker? Will it be more likely to get damaged? What else should I know about natural on the girdle?


Thanks much!



Pear EGL Europe

1.5 cts. 10.11x6.13x3.92mm

total depth: 63.9%

table 54%

crown 18%

pavilion depth 43%

grdle is medium, faceted


finish and polish are both: good to very good

Color: F

clarity SI2

graining nil

fluor: very slight blue


Set in 14k WG with 2, .20pt each (total .4cts) F, VS trapezoids

Price: $5500

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Get it checked out by a pro.


43% depth is extremely small. If this isn't an error, you should move on to a different stone.


A natural is a part of the original crystal surface, as opposed to a facet that the cutter but there. They aren't generally much of a problem but what you are describing is pretty big. Again, get it checked out before you comit to buy.



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Naturals are usually not a problem and exist because the cutter needed to retain carat weight, which could be the case here as the diamond weighs 1.5 carat. The price difference between a 1.5 to a 1.49 could range from 5-15% depending on the Cut Quality of the stone.


In view of the fact that this is a SI-2 clarity, the imperfections/inclusions may exist at or around this natural and a key reason the cutter did not polish this area for fear of compromising the structural integrity of the diamond.


Agree with Neil, get this baby checked out by a competent Independent Appraiser.

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Big thanks to everyone for your help.


Had 2 GG GIAs from different parts of town look at the stone. I told them nothing about the stone, not even that it is certed. Both came up with "G" possibly H color (of course, it's mounted, so...) both said I1, and both said the natural is smaller than 1mm, and not a vulnerable stone, not an issue.


Another example of EGL Europe ratings being a grade or 2 off on clarity and color....

and I know--- an I1 is worth alot less than SI2. So, now I just decide if the $5500 pricetag is ok....



You all were great! Thanks again!

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