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Ideal cut?


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Not everyone defines it in the same way. If you encounter a merchant who is using the term, ask them what it means to them. You'll notice quite a bit of variation.


In current AGS lingo, there are 7 criteria required for a stone to be called Ideal cut. The table must be between 52.4% and 57.5% of the average diameter. Until relatively recently, the rule was 53%-57%. Total depth is not one of the variables considered.


GIA doesn't use the term at all.



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You have as many definitions of "Ideal Cut" as there are Diamond Vendors.


Do your homework and find out what each Vendor means by "Ideal". Defintions, Cut Quality, and pricing can vary significantly.


AGS has a definition for "Ideal" that is based on Towlkowsky's (1919) mathematical calculations.


GIA does not use or recognize the term.

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