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1.03 I1 or .90 VS2?


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Help!! I need to make a decision on which stone to buy. A 1.03 I1 where the inclusion is on the side or a .90 VS2 that is a color grade down from the larger stone & a good cut opposed to the larger stones excellent cut. The smaller stone is priced $100 more than the bigger one & both have EGL certificates. I am planning on having the stone mounted tension style or channel and the seller of the I1 stone assures me that in this type of mounting the inclusion will not be visible. I just can't decide which is the smarter purchase.

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From my personal opinion, I think I would go for the excellent cut one -- the gem would look more brilliant and have more fire than the good cut one. And if you can't easily see the inclusion on the I1 stone anyway with your naked eyes (if this is the case), I think it doesn't matter. Plus, the mounting will hide it anyway, so it even doesn't matter. I think one color grade difference will make no difference to naked eyes when just wearing the stone around.


If you meant to ask which one is a better deal in terms of price, I would still say the 1.03 ct because it's a little bigger, has more fire, and a little better in color (although the difference is probably not observable for daily wears), and $100 less. Plus the inclusion at the end won't be visible anyway.


All these are from my opinion, of course. I think it finally comes down to what you personally like better then... :D

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Tension mountings can be picky about the girdle details and about inclusions near the edge. Check with the person you're going to have do the setting.


Who did the cut grading? Last I checked, neither 'good' or 'excellent' were in the EGL scale although these things change from time to time. In any case, you should figure out what these grades mean. In many scales, 'good' is dead last.



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