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From my understanding by studying diamonds for the past several months, the intrinsic value of a CE diamond is the value before the enhancement. E.g., if before enhancecment it was I1 and after CE it is SI1, then the value should still be that of I1.


Also, depending on the CE process used, please be careful when having a store clean the diamond because if they dip it in a hot (sulfuric?) acid, a stone that has been laser drilled and the miniature holes filled with some substance may lose the substance due to acid corrosion. And when selling (I'm sure you won't sell it but just FYI), you need to disclose that it is clarity enhanced as well.


On the quality, it will definitely look better under naked eyes! Other types of CE processes include neutron irradiation, sintering, etc., and they deal with changing the diamond color.


Have a good day and I'm sure you two will be proud of the diamond you have! :D

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CE, clarity enhancement, filled, yehuda treating, and similar language are all names for a process of filling surface reaching inclusions in a stone with a glass like substance to make them less obvious to the casual observer. It’s a pretty good magic trick and it definitely makes certain stones look significantly better.


It’s sort of like putting a nice paint job on your car. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you understand that if it was a crappy car before, it’s still going to be a crappy car when you’re done. If it gets you a nicer looking car for a livable budget and you know what you’re getting into then you’re probably getting your money’s worth the paint shop. If you’re expecting them to transform it into a new car then you’ll be disappointed. What causes the trouble is when the dealer points out that your newly painted car looks sort of like a Porsche and it’s only half the price!


The standard grading scale for natural diamonds does not apply so be extremely careful when you see a grade like SI1(CE). You’re not making a fair comparison if you look at the price of untreated SI1’s and observe that it's half the price.



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