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The right diamond


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I looked and I was low on my est

The nearest Item I have is

1 Carat Round Diamond


Color= I Color and Clarity, Vs2


Proportions in 60% to 61% Table 60%


Eye Appeal= Excellent


4 Prong Tiffany Setting in 14kt Yellow Band With White Gold Setting


High Polish and Rhodium Over White Gold Tiffany Setting


14kt Yellow or White Comfortable Half Round Shank

Price $5900.00

The suggested Retail for this one 7900.00 so I would say What you are looking for would be in this range


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Congratulations on your upcoming engagement. Tiffany won't sell the Lucida, or any of their other designs, without a center stone, so if you must have a Tiff ring, go to Tiff's and be prepared to pay the price. If a similar looking non-Tiffany ring will be acceptable, almost everyone has made copies of that design. You're specs are way to broad to give anything like a considered answer about a budget. For some people, 'very high quality' means D/IF/Ideal while others count a H/VS2/very good to be entirely sufficient. This gives you a range of more than a factor of 5, even without counting the Tiffany brand issue. Expect a budget of about $7k to close to $100k depending on what you want and where you get it.



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To the users of the rock

Last week I hired a person to go to the different forums on the internet and start an user name for my business The Gem Market, If that is if the forum had a Classifieds section that We could list in.

This Person was not supposed to steal any content nor break any rules in the forum. In fact in relation to this forum I was planning on asking questions of the professionals. Not posting answers.

Unfortunately this person took it upon himself to post answers on generally making a fool of The Gem Market. The password for this username has been changed and that person terminated from my company.

I pray the forum and its users forgiveness’ and understanding.


Thank you,

Willie Sims.


PS no Neil this picture does not represent that diamond. As I am sure you are aware you cannot try to appraise a diamond from a picture. Anything from a dirty lens to a shadow or reflection can affect a picture.

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...Neil ... As I am sure you are aware you cannot try to appraise a diamond from a picture...



Re; appraising, I don't think there is much that you would need to remind Neil about regarding what he does for a living.



Glad to hear you pulled the keyboard away from the person that called the I-1 stone in the picture above a VS-2.





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