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is it real?

Guest vicckav

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There is No easy Test for a set diamond but here is one trick


One of the easiest do it yourself tests to help determine if the diamond you have is real of a CZ is the dot test. Since diamonds reflect light back out through the table (top surface) and CZs are transparent, you can perform a visual test.


Step One: The first thing you need to do is draw a small dot on a clean piece of paper.


Step Two: Next place the diamond face down on the dot.


Step Three: Now looking through the bottom of the diamond you should not be able to see the dot. The image should be a distorted mess. If your stone is a CZ the dot will become a circle that is clearly visible.


Here is the website for this test

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What is wrong with you people and stealing my images from my website..


Expect to be contacted within the first 2 days of the week to have your website removed from the internet and files for copyright infringement..


We put a lot of effort to present the public with original and valid information.. To have people come along and think that it's ok to simply STEAL from us is getting old.. Besides, if you will steal from me, what are you going to to do to your potential customers??


The folks at the GemMarket are now on my "buddy" list.. Time to start playing hardball.. And yes, I am in a very bad mood over this..

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Your Link Was ment To go into the file And Your Link is on my Website The Reason the Pictures Was Put with your Link Was becouse when I had pushed IMG but on this builder It would not Work I meant no Harm your link is with those pictures

You State On your Site that I could Link to your Site and that was What I had Done

The Linked Page

I will Remove or edit this listing in what ever manner you desire but you did state that the link could be used

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My website says this


If you find this article useful and would like to use portions for your own website, please contact us at webmaster@imagesontheweb.net for information on using excerpts. You may also link directly to this article by using the this code


It does not give you permission to repost our images in a message board without giving us credit, implying that they are yours..


If you want to link to us, that is fine, you can even use part of the articles if you ask us first, but lifting our images to use on forums isn't..

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