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which sounds like a better fit??


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i am looking at two different diamonds and i want to know which would be a better fit and a nicer looking diamond for the money. here are the specs. i am looking to mount it on a tacori band and would greatly appreciate a proffesional oppinion. thank you


Diamond 1, price $7900

Color: D

Clarity: SI-3

Size: 2.51 ct

Measurements: 8.97-8.91x 5.25mm

Depth: 58.7%

Table: 61%

Girdle: very thin to thin

Culet: none

Polish: very good

Symmetry: very good

Fluorescence: Faint blue


Diamond 2, price $6950

Color: H

Clarity: SI-2

Size: 2.51 ct

Measurements: 8.4-8.44x 5.51mm

depth: 65.4%

table: 59%

Girdle: medium to thick

culet: none

Polish: very good

symmetry: very good

fluorescence: none

*clarity enhanced

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yes they are round stones, i am ordering them off the internet and they are IGS certified, Internet Gemological Society. thanks for your response, if you want to look at the specs here are the links, thanks for your help.





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yes i understand what clarity enhaced means i just wanns know what a proffesional thinks i have been studying up on diaminds but i am not a pro, i trust them because they are a titanium powerseller and ebay is a law binding contract, i will get it appraised the moment i recieve it and will get a refund if it is not what i thought it would be. i just wanna know what someone else thinks before i spend $8000 on a diamond.


thanks for your help denverappraiser i appreciate it alot and i will tell you if i got what i paid for when i get it, thanks.

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Who the heck is IGS? You’re putting a fair amount of faith in their opinions and, for $8000, it may be worth a bit of research to decide if this faith is well founded. The difference between D/SI3 and F/I2 is pretty important. If you decide that they are less than reliable, an equally important question is: Why did this seller choose to use them as their ‘independent’ grading lab for their advertising and what does this tell you about the seller?


Anyone who wants to can call themselves a gem lab and their primary claim to credibility seems to be a general business license from the state of New York. I’m not convinced. Are you?


By the way, you should hold your appraiser to the same standard. Just because they call themselves an appraiser doesn't make their opinions useful. Start by appraising the appraiser.


The IGS document lists an advertisement at www.igemservices.com as a place to start looking into them.



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Ok, this is just nme being bad so please excuse my taunting.. If you go to their site, then click on the "home" button you will see another title come up for their website.. Look at the top of your browser and it says MyFreeTemplates.com NOT Internet Gemological Services.. I would think that anyone with the word "Internet" in their name would be a little better at checking out their web site than that..


And then there is this little gem on their home page..


With over 12 years of service Internet Gemologial Services is expanding its marketing to increase awareness of its services and benefits. NGL provides Laporatory Grading Reports and Appraisals for diamond and colored stone jewelry. We are only open to the trades, such as cutters, importers, wholesalers, and jewelers.


NGL is proud that NGL Grading Reports are accepted by all major insurance companies.


I'm confused.. Are they IGS or NGL?? These are not things that give me confidence in their service..

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their website doesnt look very well put together, under contact us they list IRC and a forum that doesnt exist, i am getting questionable about it but i will still see if my insurance company will insure a diamond certified by them, thanks for your help if someone could just tell me which diamond would be a better fit it would help, thanks.

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Most insurance companies will accept almost anything. It's YOU that should be more selective. There's no way to answer the question about which is a better stone without getting to the bottom of the grading reliability issues. You are far short of enough to make an informed decision and what you do have is completely unreliable. Details make the difference between a good deal and a terrible one. If you're going to guess, just flip a coin since you know nothing about such fundamental issues as clarity, color or cutting of either stone. Since you've narrowed your selection down to these two and you are satisfied with the dealer, buy them both, examine them in person, show them to your appraiser and then return the one you don't want.


I'm curious. Why would you want your insurance company to make this decision?



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