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Guest pfkaplan

I have a 14k gold necklace centered around a .55 point IF, H brilliant diamond... along the side of the upside down V-shaped pendant are 6 smaller stones in a row. The piece was appraised several years ago. I am in need of some funds and am considering selling it. How would I go about doing this? What is a fair price based on the old appraisal? Any other ideas you have about this would be welcome. Thankyou.

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There’s not really a translation chart from ‘appraisal’ value to resale value, even if the appraisal was done today. The 10 year delay just makes it worse. The problem is twofold. First is the grading and description issues. Your potential buyer may not agree with the grader who described the clarity as IF and if they think it’s, say, VS2, there will be a considerable difference in their offer. The other problem is one of value definition. ‘Value’ can mean everything from the salvage value of the materials at a pawn shop to the expected cost to custom make a similar item at Tiffany’s and dozens of choices in between. Without knowing what the original appraisal was describing (and how accurately they described it) it would be useless to try and give you a conversion. A capable appraiser should be able to examine the piece, discuss the issues with you and assist you with setting your prices.


There have been several discussions in the forum and the faq on this general topic. If you hunt around a bit, you may find something interesting.



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