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Royal Asscher Cuts in the states

rony magid

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Hi All.


I am quite new around here.


I was looking for a Royal Asscher Cut since a while.


I found out true there office in amsterdam that there is no more distribution true Fabrikant.

they have a new distributor a company of them self and somebody called jonathan birnbach of jbinternational. Royal Asscher of America!

it was unbeleivable. that have so many royal asschers in stock you can find anything you want.


they even hae juwellery and loose stone I bought a 1.09 royal Asscher Cut H VS2

it is realy sooooooo nice ill post some pics of it soon.


if you have any questions for me ill anwser any of them .


hope that this helps all of you who love the royal asscher as much as i do.


if you want your royal asscher cut as well go and mail to JBintnl@aol.com


kind regards.



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I've heard that JB and Royal Asscher of America don't sell to individuals. Is this incorrect? I'm really curious about the stone you bought from them. Please give us details. I'm also curious about the extensive list of stones they gave you to choose from. Is this something you got by email or do they have a website somewhere?



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