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request for input

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This is a two-part question. I appreciate in advance your forebearance and appreciate any feedback which might be given.


Background: I am previously married and so have an engagement/wedding band which I plan to salvage parts from, mainly a round .49 carat, G color VS1. In addition, I am considering buying the following ring from a 3rd party with the intent of using the center stone for another ring.


Specs: .71 carat round, color H clarity VS2, set in a platinum channel band with 8 rounds totalling .44 carats. From the report, the #s are thus:


.71 round brilliant

5.74 x 5.71 x 3.55 MM

total depth: 62.0%

table width: 56%

crown height: 15%

pavilion depth: 44%

girdle thickness: thin, faceted

polish/symmetry: excellent/excellent

culet: none

clarity: VS2


Question #1: Asking price for the ring as spec'ed above is $1,600. Is this a reasonable purchase? I'd mainly be buying it to obtain the center stone, and would presumably sell the remains.


Question #2:


Is it reasonable to use the two stones from above (.49 carat, G color VS1 and .71 carat, H color VS2) in a setting such as the ones linked below? (I realize I'd have to seperately purchase a third stone resembling the .49 I already have to fill up the ring).


Basically, is this a madcap plan? For example, will the sizes work in this setting? Is buying a second ring to salvage the diamond for yet a third ring a completely non-sensical and uneconomic boondoggle? Sometimes I think I can be a bit too clever for my own good, and think this might be one of those times.





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question one


i say do it if it is a nice stone its a good price.

a second 0.49 you just have to match the diameter so no problem i think


it looks good


just check if you could buy something like that anywhere else for the smae price or cheaper.


if not then you know your doing a good job.


you can google it easily



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